Denise Bowers speaks to group around table.

Denise Bowers for Senate

Denise Bowers has always been passionate about extending a helping hand to those that need it most, and serving in the Senate offers an exciting new opportunity to do just that. She would lend a new perspective to the ongoing efforts to tackle violent crime across the state, enhance addition services and make key criminal justice reform.

She would also like to help the state coordinate better with counties and municipalities on long-term growth plans that balance community character with economic development.

Denise Bowers believes that the residents of Brandywine Hundred deserve a Senator that will fight to enhance their quality of life. With what we've seen in recent months at DuPont and Astra Zeneca, she wants to do everything to create jobs and keep Delaware attractive to employers, and that means top-notch infrastructure, preserving family-oriented communities and making student-focused advances in public education.

Denise Bowers has the backing of several key members of the General Assembly, including Senate President Pro Tempore Patricia Blevins and House Majority Leader Valerie Longhurst. "Whether it's her volunteer work as a Brandywine Hundred civic leader, her community engagement as a police officer, or her advocacy work for those struggling with addiction, Denise has an impressive record of putting her fellow Delawareans first," Blevins said. That's the kind of leadership she'll bring to Dover." "Denise has dedicated her life to helping others, first as a police officer and crisis manager with the Wilmington Police Department and now as the top liaison between the Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health and the criminal justice system," Longhurst said. "Her frontline experience in solving difficult problems would make her a tremendous addition to the General Assembly."

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